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About this document

At Dogbet Pty Ltd we are committed to maintaining the integrity of greyhound racing. Dogbet Pty Ltd has implemented measures to comply with its obligations under NSW Greyhound Racing and Integrity Commission Rules and Regulations. This document explains how Dogbet Pty Ltd applies these measures.

Opening a Betting Account.

Betting accounts are only available to persons over the age of 18 years of age, who reside in Australia and are not prohibited from wagering or placing bets on declared New South Wales Greyhound Racing events, as a result of any condition of their employment or any requirement of a governing body or any other reason.

Each customer is permitted to hold only one single Dogbet Pty Ltd betting account.

Betting account holders are required to verify their identity within 60 days of opening their Dogbet Pty Ltd betting account, in accordance with the statutory requirements set out in the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (Cth)

Betting Account Monitoring

All bets transacted on the Dogbet Pty Ltd website are the responsibility of the account holder. It is the responsibility of the account holder to maintain their login passwords in strictest confidence. Suspect betting transactions made on a betting account are deemed to be made by the account holder.

Dogbet Pty Ltd monitors the betting activity of all betting accounts. A "usual" transaction pattern is established for each betting account over time. Hence any bets that fall outside this "usual" pattern will draw attention as suspicious betting activity and may warrant further investigation, including (but not limited to) referral to GWIC and/or Austrac.

Suspicious Activity

Some activities that we would consider to be suspicious activities would include, (but are not limited to):

Betting Pattern Analysis

Dogbet Pty Ltd generates comprehensive reports for each race at the conclusion of each race meeting. Individual betting account activity for each race is analysed by our betting manager in an attempt to identify irregular betting patterns as per our Suspicious Betting Transactions criteria.

Action We Take

We have a robust terms and conditions document that prospective customers must agree to, prior to joining up to our service and establishing a betting account. A copy of our terms and conditions document can be viewed here.

Some of the conditions relevant to suspect betting that customers must agree and accept include:

Changes to this Suspect Betting Detection and Reporting Policy

Dogbet Pty Ltd reserves the right to change this Suspect Betting Detection and Reporting Policy from time to time.  This Suspect Betting Detection and Reporting Policy was last updated July 2020.

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