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About this document

At Dogbet Pty Ltd we are committed to promoting and providing responsible gambling practices. We want our customers to enjoy their wagering activities without suffering harm. We love the greyhound racing industry and believe that collectively we can pro-actively support and enhance the integrity and responsible growth of our beloved industry.  This document outlines the measures we have in place to ensure that our customers gamble responsibly.

Betting accounts

Dogbet Pty Limited will only provide betting accounts to natural persons, who are eighteen years of age or over and who are able to verify their identity to our absolute satisfaction, including adhering to the statutory requirements provided in the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (Cth) (AML/CTF Act).

Dogbet Pty Ltd will only provide one betting account to each individual person.

At the absolute discretion of Dogbet Pty Ltd, any suspicious betting or suspicious betting account activity that is detected, may result in the immediate suspension and/or cancellation of the relevant betting account.

Responsible advertising

Dogbet Pty Ltd is committed to adhering to all New South Wales legislative requirements and guidelines that restrict and prohibit the advertising of certain wagering services to the public.

Dogbet Pty Ltd may from time to time, provide advertising and marketing communication that we deem to be relevant, appropriate and of interest to our betting account holders. Any such correspondence sent to our customers will always provide the recipient with an opportunity to "opt out" of receiving further marketing correspondence.

Prohibition on credit betting

Dogbet Pty Ltd does not accept any bets on credit terms. We do not accept funds that have been deposited into Dogbet Pty Ltd betting accounts from credit cards. We do not accept the deposit of funds into your Dogbet Pty Ltd betting account from a source that does not exactly match the named account holder.

Pre-commitment limits

Upon applying for a Dogbet Pty Ltd betting account, customers are able to make a pre-commitment to select both a maximum deposit limit and corresponding time limit.  The deposit limit is the maximum amount that can be deposited by customers into their Dogbet Pty Ltd betting account, during the corresponding pre-committed time limit. As an example, customers could select a limit of a maximum of $100 that can be deposited over a fourteen-day period.

Should customers which to alter the pre-commitment limits, they are required to make a formal request for the required alterations in their account settings. There is a cooling off time period of forty eight (48) hours before the changes to the pre-commitment limits take effect.


Customers may choose to self-exclude from the services provided by Dogbet Pty Ltd at any time. All requests for self-exclusion will be treated with sensitivity and will be confirmed by Dogbet Pty Ltd in writing. Self-exclusion may be for either a set or indefinite period of time. Dogbet Pty Ltd will ask customers if they want to be provided details of financial counsellors when they make a self-exclusion request.

Self-exclusion Process

Self-exclusion requests should first be made via email to admin@puntondogs.com.au. Upon receipt of such email we will immediately freeze the subject customer account. Subsequent to such request we will contact each customer via email and finalise the details of the self exclusion request. At this time we will also ask the customer if they want to be provided contact details of financial counsellors.

Changes to this responsible gambling code of practice

Dogbet Pty Ltd reserves the right to change this responsible gambling code of practice from time to time.  This document was last updated in November 2021.

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