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Wallet Selection.

Each user has 2 separate "Wallets" by default. The 'Normal Wallet", and the "Bonus Wallet".

Monies deposited (after funds have cleared), and monies withdrawn by each Punter will appear in the Normal Wallet.

Any Bonus Bet credits that you accrue will appear in the Bonus Wallet.

All winnings will also appear in the Normal Wallet, save that any Bonus Bet Winnings will have the original Bonus Bet Stake deducted.

Click on the "Wallet" button at the top of the screen to change your wallet selection at any time.

Bonus Bets are usually only credited to your Bonus Wallet after you reach a pre-determined turnover threshold, as the Bonus Bets are usually part of a deposit match offer.

All pending Bonus Bet Amounts appear at the top of your Bonus Wallet transaction list. Once you reach the turnover threshold for that particular deposit match offer, the Bonus Bet Amount will be credited to your Bonus Wallet automatically.


Once you have funds in your betting account you are able to place bets. Bets are placed by pushing the corresponding button for your desired bet type, eg. WINPLACE or MULTI.

Bets are then added to a "BETSLIP". You can have up to 3 selections on one betslip.

BETSLIPS are given a BET TYPE the moment you make your first selection. As such you cannot have WINPLACE bets on the same BETSLIP as a MULTI. If you want to change the BET TYPE then you need to cancel the BETSLIP and start again.

If you change race meetings then the contents of the BETSLIP are deleted.

To see your betslip:

  1. On a phone device: Push the green transparent BETSLIP(B) button and the betslip will slide open from the right. You can open and close the betslip multiple times before submitting the bets. If you want to check the betslip before submission but then want to go back and make another selection, use the yellow close button at the top left of betslip (the button with the arrows pointing left.) Don’t ever use back button on phone.
  2. On a desktop or tablet: The betslip should always be showing on the right of the screen.

If you make a mistake just push the "Delete Bets" button on the betslip and it will clear the contents of the current bet slip, and then you can start again.

Win Place Betting

Push WINLACE button next to your desired selection. Your selection is added to the betslip. Select a Win and/or Place dollar amount via the blue buttons, or you can enter a custom amount via your keypad.

Press Pre-Submit and carefully check that your selections are correct. If it's all correct you can push submit and the system will process the bets.

Currently we only let you place up to 3 WINPLACE selections on the one BETSLIP, but all selections must be at the same race meeting.

Multi Betting

You make the first selection by pushing either "MULTI WIN" or "MULTI PLACE".

  1. On a phone: The green transparent BETSLIP(B) button will then say "1".
  2. On a desktop or tablet: The selection will get added to the BETSLIP on the right side of the screen.

To add a second or third selection you must select another race from the race list at the top of the screen. You can then add further selections to the BETSLIP.

Currently we only let you place up to 3 multi selections on the one BETSLIP, but all selections must be at the same race meeting. For a MULTI we only let you select one runner in each race.

Refer to Bet Manager Problems

Our bet manager's are NOT ON DUTY all the time, although they should usually be on duty about half an hour before the first race of each meeting we are betting on.

Sometimes your device can lose it's live communication with our Bet Manager.

If "Refer to Bet Manager" seems to be consistently timing out, especially when it's close to the race start-time, then your device has probably dropped the live connection with our Bet Manager.

This is especially noticeable when your device has been sitting idle and/or the screen has switched off etc. (eg. Device Sleep Mode).

When this happens you will also lose the live-odds update functionality, but you may not even notice that.

To rectify this problem, just use the browser REFRESH BUTTON to refresh the page and the Bet Manager connection will re-start. You can then re-submit the bet/s again.

Account Deposits.

We take deposits via conventional electronic funds transfer (EFT), via the new PAYID system, or via POLi Internet Banking. POLi payments require a minimum deposit value of $50.

Prior to making a payment, please submit a Deposit Notification to us via www.puntondogs.com.au/MyAccount/Banking. We can then monitor our bank account for your expected payment and process it promptly upon arrival.

Deposit Processing Times

POLi payments are processed instantly. PAYID payments are usually processed the same day - sometimes within an hour, but only if the payment is made before 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. EFT payments are usually processed within 1-3 working days. We try to check our bank account every few hours during the day. Please include your name and account number as reference for any payment, otherwise we will not know who the payment belongs too. Your account number can be found at MyAccount/details.

Identity and Bank Account Verification

We process withdrawals via EFT.

To satisfy our legal obligations under Australian Government Law, we can only process a withdrawal to a verified bank account that is held in the exact same name as the account holder at PuntOnDogs.com.au.

We also have a legal obligation to verify the identity of any person who is the recipient of a withdrawal.

Our identity verification partner is DigitalID - a business owned by Australia Post. If you decide to make a deposit with us then you will be required to verify your identity. Soon after making your first deposit the website will divert you to the Confirm Identity page and you will no longer be able to place bets until your identity is confirmed.

The DigitalID process is fully automated. Provided your original details are correct then it's usually just a click of one button.

You must also email us a copy of a bank statement, in your name showing the account name and account number.

You only have to verify your identity once. You only have to verify EACH BANK ACCOUNT once.

Account Withdrawals.

If you want to make a withdrawal, please submit a Withdrawal Notification to us via www.puntondogs.com.au/MyAccount/Withdrawal.

If your identity has previously been verified, and your bank account has also been verified then we will usually process the withdrawal on the NEXT BUSINESS DAY (NSW).

Withdrawals from an account where funds originated from a POLi deposit will be subject to the original deposit being further verified before we process any such withdrawal. As such, withdrawals of this nature will have a longer processing time.

EFT withdrawals are subject to the usual bank processing times which vary from bank-to-bank.

The minimum amount that can be withdrawn at any point in time is $50.

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